When we embarked on our Kickstarter campaign to help fund our new record, we were not prepared for the outpouring of support that we’d get on this project. Within days of launching the campaign, we had generous donations from all over the place. It feels amazing that so many of you want to see us make a great record.

We want to thank each and every one of you for helping us to realize our dream. We’re so grateful to each and every donor. Here’s the full list of all who have backed us so far.

Dawn Nye, Jeanne Cain, Ilana Traeger, Dustin Cox, Kelsey Camire, Dave Dellecese, Aaron Vega, Dennis Crommett, Richard Webb, Jennifer Myszkowski, Melissa Tardiff, Bex Zumbruski, Lauri Yanis, Chris MacPherson, Jim Ingram, bronwen, James Chevalier, Aeryca Steinbauer, Rebekah, Randi Moriarty, Alexandra Puffer, Sara Dutkiewicz, Rosie Walunas, Liz O’Dair, Stephen Biegner, Judy Larsen, Kim Douglass, Rebecca Larsen, Vanessa Viles, Joli Holzapfel Cook, Julie Beman, Kevin O’Rourke, Carey, Stacey Styles, Lis, Joe & Nana, Brittnie, Erik Gallant, Amy Armenia, Joe Paul, Leah Silver Graves, Pat Duffy, Elaine Vega, Tracy, brie, Lou Franco, Aric Bieganek, Virginia Veraszto, Patricia Cook Thompson Perricone, Tara Moser, Deanna and Jerry, Jeffrey J Steblea, Troy Peden, Jenny, S.P. Sullivan, Kenneth L. Larsen, Jon & Pattie Lumbra, derek allard, Jared Vandercook, Adam Peterson, Ann Caranci, Heather Rush, Alyson M. Olander, Brian Beam, Maggie Bergin, Bill Peterson, William Peterson, Bill Olander, Bob Lastowski, Glen Bertrand, Fern Beam, ethan tufts, Ashvin Shah, Eric Larsen, Ellen Thompson, Christine Biegner, Marni Edelhart, Cliff Larsen, Jason Northrup, Bill Cook, Patrick Brough