Matthew Larsen, who would love to spend each waking hour writing songs on the Marantz upright piano in his living room. His two time battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was no picnic, but he’s a number of years out now and doing okay.

Greg Saulmon, who is a born journalist and photographer living in Holyoke. He plays guitar in a million different bands and is always up for a road trip.

Alex Peterson, whose years of acapella singing are really coming in handy now. She plays bells, percussion, and sings beautiful things. She was born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Dubai.


J.J O’Connell, an extraordinary world class drummer. His drums are the foundation in countless Massachusetts bands we love. Turns out he can sing exceptionally well, too, so we made him do that to our songs.

Steve Biegner, who is Matthew’s first cousin, former bandmate (Smokejumpers) and longtime musical collaborator. Amazingly talented classical singer and multi-instrumentalist, he now lives in Rochester, NY which is home to the garbage plate.

Aric Bieganek, multi-instrumentalist, kindie rocker, and former bandmate (Northernly) who The Documents miss terribly now that he’s moved back to his homeland of Minnesota (Go Twins!). We’ll meet again some sunny day.

Mark Schwaber, whose songwriting Matthew and Greg have always idolized. He was roped into playing drums, bass, and guitars on the first record somehow. Years later, we called him back to help us with song arrangements, bass, guitar, and more for the second record.

Rebekah Dutkiewicz, cellist, guitarist, and singer in Matthew’s old band (Northernly) who played lovely cello sounds and sang on our first record. She plays on a few songs of our second record as well.