After organizing and playing a number of successful house shows over the years, I can tell you that they are some of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had as a musician. There is something about the intimacy of someone’s living space that makes the collective experience of watching music being performed much stronger than at a bar or a club, or even a nice music hall. You get to really know each other, which makes for a great connection to the songs… both for the performer and the listener. Each Dark Dining Room show that I’ve organized has been a truly special night.

So here is the deal. We will travel to you and play a show in your space (house, garage, gallery, studio, loft, etc.). You will get musicians who are excited about setting up this show for you! We have a small P/A system, mics, and all the necessary things like that. You will have a nice comfortable room/space and 25-30 folks who will want to attend and financially support our journey with a donation – typically anywhere from $15-$20 is suggested/expected/appreciated. Sound good so far? Let’s get in touch! Here’s how:


Check out the Dark Dining Room site for more details on the types of shows we’ve organized in the past.